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While we practice all areas of Criminal Trial law, these are some of the most common types of cases that people hire us to represent them for.


We are committed to defending DWI arrests aggressively.   Whether it is defending your right to be free from an improper detention to attacking the results of a breath or blood sample, it takes knowledge and experience to effectively beat DWI cases.

We have had numerous "Not Guilty" jury verdicts as well as outright dismissals in DWI cases over the years.  While we can not predict the outcome of your case, it is important to hire an attorney that understand the core issues in DWI cases and can effectively communicate that to the Judge, Prosecutor, and Jury.

Controlled Substances

Typically, the root cause of drug problems are complex.  Addictions are compelling and can cause people to act irrationally or engage in illegal activity. 

Sometimes, going to prison is not the best option for our clients.  Many of our clients have benefited from one of Tarrant County's diversion programs or specialized drug programs.

Your attorney should be famliliar with the various options available to address the root problems of drug offenses. 



If you are charged with Assault, particularly in a Family Violence situation, you must pick your attorney wisely.  There are many collateral consequences to a Family Violence conviction that many attorneys are unfamiliar with.  Even with a dismissal, certain circumstances can prevent you from becoming a US citizen, purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammunitition, or lose custody of your children.

You need to talk to an attorney who is familiar with the complex nature of Family Violence cases so that you do not suffer any unintended consequences.




Bail Bonds

We are bonding attorneys.

If you know someone in jail that needs to be bonded out, we can help.  There are two types of bondsmen in Tarrant County.  Bail bondsmen and bonding attorneys.   

The first one is an individual that bonds people out for a fee.  The Defendant must obtain their own attorney, aside from the bondmen.

Bonding attorneys are lawyers that also post bonds for their clients, but the Defendant must use that particular attorney for their case.

If you are looking for a bondsman, be sure to inquire which one they are, as there are many people who inadvertently are "stuck" with an attorney they do not wish to represent them because of the bond.


​Like Family Violence cases, theft convictions can have dire collateral consequences.  Aside from the difficulty of finding future employment, theft convictions can affect your life many years down the road if not handled properly.

Often times, the best attorney in a theft case is one that is creative and knowledgable about the options available.


If you are unfortuante enough to need an attorney for a Probation or Parole Revocation, you need an attorney that will take the time to understand you and your situation.  Often times, your personal issues are the diference between going to prison and being given another chance.

You need to find an attorney that will take the time to listen and learn about who you are, and what your situation is in order to help you best.

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