“Because Integrity, Patience, and Fairness Matters.”

Alexander Kim for Judge,
Tarrant County Criminal Court #3

Alexander Kim For Judge

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Candidate Message

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to represent the citizens of Tarrant County as the Judge of County Criminal Court #3.  First and foremost, I am a Constitutional Conservative.  I believe that those who commit crimes in Tarrant County should be held accountable and face the consequences of their actions.  However, I firmly believe in the United States Constitution, and every citizen, whether accused or not, should be protected from the government’s  illegal, unfair and intrusive reach.  Judges are the last line of defense in safeguarding the Constitution, and my goal is to serve you in that role.  If we are to protect our own individual rights and liberties and prevent the government from overreaching their boundaries and ensure that our government stands by the principles established by our Founding Fathers, voters must elect officials that are committed to this principle, or we can not succeed.

Thank you for supporting me in this goal.

“I believe in integrity, personal  responsibility, fiscal conservatism, limited government, and the rule of law.  I know that the citizens of Tarrant County want a Judge who will hold criminals accountable, defend the Constitution, and not legislate from the bench. I will be that Judge.”
Alexander Kim
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Alex won the Tarrant County Candidate Fair Straw poll on February 1st
48% to 26% and 25%!
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May 19, 2014
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